Under (Feat. Maslo) / CSP

Under | CSP feat. Maslo

Rhymics as a kid

Anonymous sent: Can I have your personal? ^^

I’d rather not post it. ⊙ω⊙ You can follow my other khiphop blog tho - here. /shameless promotion

bangdai sent: I love you and I love this blog \o/

I love you too! ; A; And thank you, lol. OTL

Anonymous sent: Understandable... So how did you get into SC? lol

Through Still PM’s “Love & Verse 1/2” in 2010. :)

Anonymous sent: THIS BLOG IS PERFECT. Just thought I'd let you know. Will you be posting some Jepp Blackman stuff too?

Thanks, haha. :) And I probably won’t be posting too much of him, sorry.

Down & High (Feat.공명정대,Ringo Jay,Csp) / 스틸피엠 (Stilll PM)

Down & High | Still PM feat. 공명정대, Ringo Jay, CSP